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Roving and Yarn

Product Description

E-glass Assembled Roving For Spray up
Assembled Roving for spray-up is compatible with UP and VE resins. It delivers properties of low static, excellent dispersion, and good wet out in resins.


Low static
Excellent dispersion
Good wet-out in resins


It covers a wide range of applications: bathtub, FRP boat hulls, various pipes, storage vessels and cooling towers.


Product Description

Direct Roving for Filament winding, is compatible with unsaturated polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins.
Main uses include manufacture of FRP pipes of various diameters, high-pressure pipes for petroleum transitions, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and, insulation materials such as utility rods and insulation tube.


Good process performance and low fuzz
Compatibillty with multiple of resin systems
Good mechanical properties
Complete and fast wet-out
Excellent acid corrosion resistance


E-class yarn

Fiberglass yarn e is electrical insulation materials, electronic industrial fabrics, tubes and other industrial fabric raw materials. It is best way to insulation, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and so on.


1/0 Single-twist yarn 30 Bobbin /Box;
Net Weight:18kg~24kg.
1/2~1/4 Merge -twist yarn 20 Bobbin /Box;
Net Weight 30kg.

Product performance

Measuring Unit Product Code Single fiber diameter (um) Linear Density
Twist (TPM) Net Weight
  Metric system code number Inchunit
Ton EC5.5-12x1Z40 ECD450 1/0 5.5 12±1.2 40±10% 0.5
Ton EC5.5-12x2S110 ECD450 1/2 5.5 24±2.4 110±10% 0.5
Ton EC7.5-24x1Z40 ECD225 1/0 7.5 24±2.4 40±10% 0.8
Ton EC7.5-24x2S110 ECD225 1/2 7.5 48±4.8 110±10% 1.5
Ton EC9-33x1Z40 ECG150 1/0 9.0 33±3.3 40±10% 0.8
Ton EC9-33x2S110 ECG150 1/2 9.0 66±6.6 110±10% 1.5
Ton EC9-33x3S110 ECG150 1/3 9.0 99±9.9 110±10% 1.5
Ton EC9-33x4S110 ECG150 1/4 9.0 132±13.2 110±10% 1.5

Main Features

1. Special treatment agent.
2. Good usage performance, Hairiness less.
3. Easy to heat cleaning.
4. Resistant to chemical corrosion, strong acid and alkali.
5. Good dimensional stability, high strength, and has good mechanical properties.
6. Anti-bending fatigue, can be used for smaller wheel diameter.
7. High tensile strength.

8.Good air permeability, reduce heat consumption, improve drying efficiency.

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