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PMI rigid foam


1. Polymethacrylimide (PMI) Foam is closed-cell high temperature resistance structural material which applied on light weight sandwich composite material. Fire retardant  PMI Foam

2. High performance on mechanical property, at the same density, PMI owns the best tensile, compress and shear performance.

3. The field of application of our product includes wind turbine blade, high speed train, radar, etc. Our production capacity is 800,000 square meters annually. We has a professional team working on Research and Development. The member includes Professor, Doctoral tutor, PhD, Senior Engineer. This team provides substantial support on product improvement. 


PMI Production Process

1.Monomer solution copolymerized and form into aggregation plate.

2.Aggregation plate frothing and foam into the original foam board.

3.Dimension processing on original foam board and form into final product.


  1. Application on wind turbine blade---.Core material is one of the most important material of wind turbine blade, that main purpose is increasing structural stiffness to prevent local instability, and anti-payload capacity for the whole blade. In areas like leading edge, tailing edge and cutting edge usually use sandwich composite PMI material, since MPI owns high performance, toughness, cost-effective and fatigue resistance.
  2. Application in helicopter propeller as core material.----PMI Foam owns unique fatigue resistance feature which increase the ability of propeller to with stand high load.
  3. Flame retarded PMI Foam application.---It can be applied on high speed train and ship.These applications are as require high fatigue and compression resistance and flame retardant material. These Requirements are all of the advantages of Flame retarded PMI.

Unique feature of PMI

1.Environment Friendly. Not contains Freon and Halogen. Freon is a common vesicant used in PUR foam; PVC foam contains Halogen, during the combustion, it will form into acid by reacted with Hydrogen.

2.Easy processing. No need for special equipment.

3.Thermoforming. Inapplicable for common foam such as PUR and PS.

4. 100%closed cell foam and isotropic; according to the research, PUR,PVC and PEI foam have certain percentage of open cell and not isotropic.

5. Compatible with different resin includes Prepreg. Usually, it needs extreme caution when PVC foam applied with resin contains styrene.

6. PMI has high heat distortion temperature, which means stable performance in high temperature.

7. High strength-weight ration. Currently, PMI foam has the highest strength-weight ration among polymer foams.

8. High fatigue resistance performance. After fatigue loading on PMI Foams, the change of performance index such as modulus and strength would not be much. However, for PEI foam, the index will decrease a lot.

9. Better fireproof performance. (Burning Non-toxic, Low smoke density, Do not release of hazardous substances.

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